Affilotools Review – Big Deeper Into Your Search Engine Rankings

affilotools reviewLooking for Affilotools review? Today, I am presenting my honest review of AffiloTools, the monthly subscription service from multi-millionaire, Mark Ling.

I will get into the features in just a moment, but before I do, I want to give you a little background on Mark and how he became the person he is today. You might find yourself surprised at his story.

During his college years, Mark came to the realization that being a poor student wasn’t for him. To combat this problem, he got himself into affiliate marketing. He took to the methodology easily and one year later, was raking in thousands every week.

A friend of his then give him a tip to try something different, allowing Mark’s income to grow even further. However, just when it seemed he had made it, Google slapped him down, causing his income to sink.

Feeling incredibly defeated, Mark was ready to throw in the towel… but chose instead to fight for what he wanted. He gave affiliate marketing a second try and now…

He is on top of the world and spreading his knowledge to others so they can achieve the same kind of success.

This is why Mark created the AffiloTools suite as a one stop source for all the marketing tools he could need to bring up the search engine profile for all of his different affiliate sites. He made AffiloTools with the idea that using it would never allow his rankings to slip again. Now, he is sharing this amazing set of tools with the public, and the suite is packaged full of more features than you might expect.

AffiloTools Review – The tools that helped me to rank my website easily

When I started using Affilotools, I quickly learned that it contained all sorts of ways that I could bolster my search engine ranking. Here are a few ways how I used it to do just that:

  • Link Research Tool: I was able to use this to seek out the websites most relevant to mine with linking opportunities. I was incredibly impressed to learn I could also seek out specific kinds of kinks such as guest posts, article directories, and blog comments.
  • Backlink Analyzer: In the beginning, I was only using this to look at any backlinks pointed to my websites. However, I later realized I could also use it to snipe my competitors backlinks. After doing this, I found some powerful links that raised my Google ranking.
  • Website Health Checker: AffiloTools can automatically track the health of your websites. At the same time, it unearths any SEO errors that need fixing or are lowering your ranking.

affilotools reviewAffiloTools Review – These great tools increased my productivity

Before I started using Affilotools, I would be forced to use Google Analytics, ClickBank, Twitter, and Facebook in order to check the status of my websites, social media presence, and all my earnings on a daily basis. Now, I can do everything in one convenient program. Here’s why:

  • The Affilotools dashboard shows every piece of important data that you will need from Google Analytics.
  • The section for ClickBank tracks all of your earnings as well as needed information such as sales counts, hop total, and refund rates.
  • Both Twitter and Facebook can be directly updated through AffiloTools. You can also see any important information relating to your fans, making it easy to make new posts tailored to their requests.

AffiloTools Revew – Research is cheaper through these great tools

Both keyword and market research can cost you a lot of money. In fact, I used to use multiple services that I paid for monthly just to find the best keywords.

However, now that I am using AffiloTools, I have shed all of those other services because it can do everything by itself. That alone now saves more than $100 every month. Here’s how:

  • A rank tracking tool keeps tabs on all the different Bing and Google keyword rankings.
  • A keyword research tool simplifies finding the keywords that are the biggest money magnets that either you or your competitors may have missed.
  • A domain research tool set that helps you locate available exact-match domains.

In addition to having all of these tools in one suite, there are lots of other bonuses that come with the subscription, such as exclusive training modules.

affilotools reviewHowever…

You need to remember that AffiloTools is never going to b some kind off one-off investment. This is an on-going subscription service and that can become a barrier for some people who just want to pay one price, which is understandable.

However, if you fall in that category, before you write this program off, consider that tools such as these require updates daily to be optimized and they would otherwise have to be purchased through several other means (likely with their own monthly subscriptions). Fortunately, if you are on the fence, AffiloTools has a $1 trial so you can get access to the full suite for a whole month.

You have nothing to lose

A $1 trial means that if you don’t like these tools, you have lost next to nothing to try them out. I would personally recommend doing this, because I know it saved me a whole lot of time, brought up my efficiency, and increased my rankings, turning me into a regular subscriber.

Click here and check out to see AffiloTools and all the great bonuses that come with it for yourself now!