What is an Affiliate and How can You Start to be?

what is an affiliate and how can you start to beWhat is an affiliate? Basically, it’s someone who promotes the products and services of another company and receives a commission in return.What does that mean? You can think of an affiliate as sort of a middleman, or a salesperson.

When you walk into a furniture store, within a few minutes, sometimes seconds, a salesperson will walk up to you and ask you what you are looking for. You then tell them, and they will show you various options based on what you have told them.

If and when you purchase that item, the salesperson will receive a commission since they were responsible for making that sale.
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That’s why they jump right on you when you walk in the store. They want to make that commission. When it comes to a how to affiliate marketing works in a similar fashion. Rather than talking to the customer directly, you are creating content that hopefully steers them in the direction that you want them to go in.

Let’s take furniture again as an example. Suppose your visitor is looking for a couch recommendation and they find your site in the search engines. You have a page on leather couches, and at the end of the page you have a link to a company that makes great leather couches.

If the visitor likes what he is reading, clicks on your link (which has your affiliate code in it) and buys that couch, you will get a commission. So the answer to what is an affiliate is a person with a blog or website that makes a commission when they refer a customer who buys a good or a service.

Of course it doesn’t have to be furniture. It could be supplements, pet products, ebooks, bicycles…anything that is sold online you can affiliate with. As far as how to affiliate marketing, you can learn a lot by reading articles online and learning the tricks of the trade from experts in the industry.

Affiliate marketing has been around for a long time, and many people have become quite successful with it. It pays to choose a niche that has more expensive products, or one that pays a higher commission.

That will make it much easier for you to create a significant passive income for yourself. For example, couches can cost $1000 and up. So let’s say you received an 8% commission every time you sold a couch. That’s $80 per couch. Now let’s say you only sold a couch a day, which is pretty respectable given the competition online.

That would be $560 per week, $2240 per month, $26,880 per year. Now think about that. Just one page or one section of your website, selling only one couch per day, would give you almost $27,000 per year!

What is an affiliate? It’s someone who can make a lot of money without the need to sell endless products per day. One good sale each day can add up to big bucks at the end of the year. Imagine how much you could make with 2 sales a day? What about 5? That’s why affiliate marketing is so popular…you can really see a significant return on your time investment.
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