How Does Affiliate Marketing Work? It’s not That Complicated

discovering how does affiliate marketing workHow does affiliate marketing work? It’s really quite simple actually. It just sounds complicated.

Many companies online offer affiliate programs, especially ones that have products or services to sell.

What this means is you can sign up to promote them on your website or blog, and if you do you can get a commission whenever someone buys something from that site.

Simple Process of How does Affiliate Marketing Work

How does the company know that you referred that customer? When you sign up for a program, you are given access to a backend area, which is like a command center. There you will find all of the tools you need as an affiliate marketer.

One of those tools is the ability to create a link. This link will contain your unique affiliate ID. Sometimes you can only link to the company’s home page, but if you have the ability to link to a specific product page that’s even better and will boost your conversion rates.

After you generate your link, you can place that code on your site, preferably within your content. Now, when someone visits your site and clicks on that link, the merchant knows that the visitor was introduced by you. Hopefully that visitor buys something and then you will get a commission.
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Understanding the Conversion Rate

Keep in mind that when it comes to how does affiliate marketing work, not every visit is going to result in a sale. In fact, if you convert 1 out of every 100 visit that’s a pretty good rate. You can see your stats in the back end as well.

It will show you exactly how many visitors came from your site and how many of those visitors purchased something. You won’t have names and specific information most of the time, but you will be able to see what they purchased and how much your commission is.

Understanding the Success Rate

Commissions will vary from one program to the next, even within the same niche. It may range from 2% to 20% or more depending on the product. If you are successful you can even negotiate a higher commission rate for yourself.

It’s important to keep on top of everything to make sure you are getting sales. You should log in daily to see your stats. If you’re sending over 1000 visitors and you don’t have one sale, that’s a problem. It may not be tracking properly or it may just be a subpar affiliate program.

In either case, it may make sense to try something different. Always experiment to boost your conversion rates and increase your commissions. Now you know how does affiliate marketing work. So get out there and start making money!
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