AffiloTheme Review – A Simple Way to Create Beautiful Websites

affilotheme reviewHello affiliate,

Today, I will be bringing you my unbiased review of AffiloTheme; the simplest way to build and launch affiliate websites.

Before taking an extended look of its features however, I want to share a story with you about Mark Ling, AffiloTheme’s creator, and highlight how he was inspired to bring this amazing product to the public.

Mark Ling was just a college student when he began looking into affiliate marketing. In less than 12 months, he found himself bringing home about $3,000 every week. He was satisfied with his accomplishment, until one of his friends made the suggestion to throw in an auto-subscriber series of newsletters into his mix of websites.

Through a lot of work and a cost of thousands of dollar’s of Mark’s money, he made this idea work and saw yet another serious uptick in his income. Then, in an instant, Google shut him down, causing a huge crash and his income to take a nosedive.

Mark’s situation was pretty bleak and he felt like he would never see success again. However, he decided he was going to take one more stab at it. During this round, he put all his energy into building email lists and generating revenue from email marketing. Guess what happened next? Mark became an affiliate worth 8 figures and now travels the world enjoying life.

Does Making a Money Magnet Website Confuse You?

Here is an important trade secret that most affiliate marketers are not aware of – the real money never comes from advertisements because it has always been in email marketing. This is the very thing that Mark has been trying to teach other affiliates all along.

He also knows that designing a perfectly optimized website for growing email lists is difficult. This is why he created AffiloTheme. This software makes everything simple and all you need to do is install it by uploading through WordPress’s dashboard. Once I did this, my blog immediately transformed into a page that looked like a powerful affiliate website.

AffiloTheme was specifically designed to encourage the use of opt-ins. This means items like colors and widgets were selected and laid out in a purposeful manner along with proper sizing of all aspects to encourage more action from users.

Aside from selecting a couple of simple options, I barely needed to do anything at all. There was even a squeeze page creator built right in which greatly increased opt-ins.

Do you feel like your website is generic, uninspired, or just downright ugly? Perhaps one of the most powerful features of AffiloTheme is the fact that every website it creates looks both eye catching and professional.

While WordPress makes website creation easy, their premium themes often look very generic. AffiloTheme fixes this problem by almost instantly creating websites that look unique.

Updating colors, and images is also simple, with customization options that allow you to give your website a branded unique touch. The whole system was super simple to use!

Are You Not Seeing the Kind of SEO Rankings that You Want?

Are your Google search engine rankings lower than they should be? Have you grown tired of not seeing any organic traffic? I know I was, which is why I am proud to report that my earnings went through the roof after installing AffiloTheme onto my websites.

The reason is simply because the program was conceived with keeping Google’s algorithms in mind coupled with a clean well coded layout and unique meta titles that work with all kinds of SEO tools and plugins.

There is a catch though…

There are all sorts of training that comes with AffiloTheme regarding how to use it. What the program does NOT include are any tutorials on how actually be an affiliate marketer. If you already know the basic concepts behind email marketing and just need an effective set of tools to design and launch websites, then AffiloTheme is ideal.

However, if you are unfamiliar with how email marketing actually works, then you are not going to be satisfied with what you get unless you learn the ropes first. I was fortunate enough to get AffiloTheme included as a bonus product when I bought AffiloBlueprint, which taught me pretty much everything I needed to know about how to get traffic flowing to the new websites I created and optimized.

After reading this Affilotheme review, are you ready for next steps? Honestly, I could not recommend AffiloTheme more, but only if you are ready to take the right action now and put the work in to be a proper affiliate marketer. Remember that AffiloTheme is an investment to help reinvent your future.

Purchase AffiloTheme now and have it installed on your website right away. Before long, you can sit back and watch the commissions roll in.