Affilorama Review – The Real Super Affiliate Marketing School

affilorama membershipToday, I am going to give you an in depth review of the free membership to Affilorama, a great place to learn affiliate marketing which was founded by Mark Ling.

Mark is a multi-millionaire affiliate marketer who created Affilorama on a dream of having more than 100 video lesson plans accessable for beginner and intermediate affiliates who want to learn how to build profitable websites in the same way he does.

The reality is that Mark hasn’t always been a top tier affiliate marketer. He actually started his venture into affiliate marketing as a broke college kid looking for a way to earn some cash. Once he got started, he found himself bringing in thousands of dollars every week and felt invincible.

Then, Google slapped him, and slapped him hard, causing his income to plummet and sending him straight into debt. At this low point, Mark felt like quitting, and so he walked away from affiliate marketing for a while and took a 9-5 day job.

However, he quickly realized that lifestyle just was not going to work for him. So, he rallied himself for a final go at affiliate marketing, changed his strategy, and worked his butt off. Today, Mark Lang is worth millions and is living the American dream.

However, he didn’t want to stop there. Mark felt a strong need to help others live his kind of lifestyle, so he created Affilorama as a free resource for people to learn all of the things he shed blood, sweat, and tears to figure out on his own. I’ve looked into Affilorama personally and can honestly say that I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in affiliate marketing.

Over 100 Video Lessons for FREE

After signing up, you will get exclusive access to more than 100 video lessons for free. These covers just about any topic you could think of and will teach you everything you need to know about becoming successful at affiliate marketing. These topics include:

  • How to find the most profitable products to promote
  • How to successfully design and build websites
  • How to drive SEO traffic
  • How to effectively monetize PPC traffic
  • How to scale your business through outsourcing

Lessons that Suits for the Beginner and Intermediate Levels

Because of the 100+ lessons available from Affilorama, there is something useful for everyone. Even if you have no experience, you can start at the beginning and start learning the ropes of how affiliate marketing works. From there, it is easy to work your way up.

However, Affilorama is also just as useful if you are at the intermediate level. All of Mark’s lessons cover a range of topics that marketers with more experience can appreciate such as techniques for effectively outsourcing to grow your affiliate business. Even if you are fairly skilled at affiliate marketing, there is something in Affilorama that everyone can use.

Free Use of the Affilorama Forum

Another great bonus to becoming a member is getting access to the free forum. The Affilorama forum is one of the most expansive of its type for discussions about affiliate marketing. Training staff from Affilorama will even pop into the forum from time to time to answer questions.

Warning: Not Everything is Included

The free membership to Affilorama will give you lots of great training, and I highly recommend it. However, remember that if you want to be a really successful affiliate marketer, you will need other tools as well including:

  • SEO tools
  • PPC tools
  • Web hosting

Fortunately, there is some good news on this front. Sometimes, Affilorama offers a trial membership of their premium subscription for just $1, giving you exclusive access to everything including extra premium training.

If you come across this trial membership, jump on it because you will save yourself a whole lot of money. I am very satisfied with Affilorama and glad I signed up. I loved the video lessons and thought Mark’s training was really effective.

Click here and sign up to get a free membership for yourself now!