Affilojetpack Review: Creating Affiliate Websites the Easy Way

affilojetpack system reviewToday, as a real user I am presenting an honest AffiloJetpack review, which provides the easiest method for creating affiliate websites.

Before I delve deep into all of the features however, I want to share some things about its creator, Mark Ling.

I want to explain how he found the inspiration to create AffiloJetpack and recently launch its newest iteration.

AffiloJetpack – Where the Journey Starts

Mark Ling discovered affiliate marketing during his college days. Twelve months later, he was raking in $3,000 per week. He thought he had found big success, until a friend suggested he tack on an auto-subscriber series of newsletters onto all of his websites.

It was a tremendous amount of work and ultimately cost Mark thousands to pull off, but in the end, his income skyrocketed because of it. After hitting what he thought was a new pinnacle, Google came crashing down on him, and his income immediately sunk to a new low.

 AffiloJetpack – There’s No Short-cut to Success

Things were beginning to look very bleak and Mark felt like he was stuck in a rut he would never get out of. However, he eventually found his resolve and decided to give affiliate marketing another go. During this second try, he decided to move his focus more in building email lists and utilize email marketing to make money. This completely changed his life.

Today, Mark Ling enjoys a seven-figure income as an iconic super affiliate and spends his days traveling while he generates incredible income passively. After receiving so much positive feedback from the first iteration of AffiloJetpack, he made the decision to upgrade it to a newer version.

For a very limited time, I can offer this version at a 25% discount! However, hurry and get it now while you can, because this limited time offer is going to expire very soon.

Are you perplexed regarding how to create a website that is also a money magnet? Most affiliate marketers operate without an autoresponder. Instead, they rely on the people who visit their website to click ads and purchase products as a result of those clicks.

What Mark is trying to teach the world is that to make REAL money, email marketing is the key. Simply put, this is why he developed AffiloJetpack. The system allows making money to become easy.

Using AffiloJetpack was a breeze. I was able to easily select five of the 18 total Jetpacks. Each one is a self-contained website kit, with all the bells and whistles you could ever need to create a functioning affiliate website and easy to follow instructions to get you there.

In addition, you will have at your disposal 100 emails, 20 article research packs, customizable high quality graphics, one year of hosting for a single website, three e-books along with reports that can be dangled as subscriber bait, and of course, the custom AffiloTheme.

As if this wasn’t enough, AffiloJetpack also comes with a website builder that does all the heavy lifting for you. It sets up the domain and hosting, installs WordPress with AffiloTheme, and creates a Fluttermail email account with 100 email autoresponders pre-installed complete with all of your affiliate links. At the end of the process, you will have a money-magnet affiliate website that mirrors what Mark Ling creates.

Does writing original content bore you, but outsourcing comes at a cost too high? Think about how much time you would spend to create original graphics, 20 full articles and 100 emails as well as a 60-page e-book for your autoresponder.

Most people would spend months to do all of that themselves. Of course, you could outsource everything, but not unless you want to spend thousands of dollars to do so. Now, multiply all of that by five and you can start to get an idea of how much time and money you will save by using AffiloJetpack instead.

AffiloJetpack – Create Your Affiliate Websites Fast

Building a website from scratch takes a long time. So does gathering all of the content needed to fuel it, which is why so many people give up before they ever see a return. This is why I am grateful for AffiloJetpack. Now, instead of spending endless days and weeks to get a website up and running, I can finish everything from start to finish in just a few hours.

By tapping into the website builder and the ‘done-it-for-you’ series of newsletters, I was able to create a portfolio with five websites that started making me money immediately in just 48 hours.

You can do the same, but….

You need to remember something before you get started. AffiloJetpack provides a full year of website hosting for free for one website, but that does NOT include a domain name. Make sure you budget an additional $10-15 if you don’t have a domain ready to go.

Fortunately, that is literally the only other purchase you need to make. AffiloJetpack has everything else required to get your affiliate websites going and starting to make money.


I can’t recommend AffiloJetpack enough, but you need to take action right now. If you don’t, it will all just be a waste of money. Remember that this is an investment to change YOUR life, and build YOUR future. Essentially, if you can copy and paste, then you can also have five money making websites running in a day or two. Wish this my honest Affilojetpack review would you made the right decision.

Purchase AffiloJetpack now while it is still less than half of its typical cost and get your first website up and running today.