How to Make Money Internet Marketing?

learning how to make money internetInterested in how to make money internet marketing? So many are these days and for good reason.

You can make a significant income online if you put in the time and the effort.

Although some people are still not aware of the fact, you can make money with your website besides just running ads on it.

Before we talk further about it let’s discuss about What digital marketing is all about. So, what’s digital marketing? Ask that question to 100 different people and you will get 100 different answers. That’s because it is a very broad topic, and most people don’t realize that it encompasses a lot more than just online advertising.

In reality, any marketing that is done electronically is considered digital marketing. That includes radio advertisements, TV commercials, digital billboards and phone marketing. Any way to grab your attention that isn’t a magazine, newspaper or mailer falls under the umbrella of digital marketing.

But when people ask what’s digital marketing, they are usually referring to the online segment or advertising, and more and more dollars these days are spent online than off. So we’ll focus this article on that end, as you are probably well aware of all of the different forms of advertising that exist offline.

What’s Digital Marketing Exactly?

When it comes to what’s digital marketing online, we’re talking about the various ways that companies or individuals use the internet to create awareness for their brand, products and services.

Let’s discuss some of the more popular ones. We’ll start with the most obvious, which is regular advertising.

  • You can pay for a link or a banner on a popular site in your industry.
  • You can run an ad in an industry newsletter.
  • You can sign up with a company like Google AdWords and pay per click, meaning you pay a fee every time someone clicks on your ad, which is distributed throughout Google’s vast network.

But what’s digital marketing beyond regular ads? There are plenty of other opportunities to spread the word about your company. You have email marketing, which is akin to the flyers that you receive in your regular mailbox. These are targeted email blasts that contain some kind of special offer or deal that would appeal to the audience that you have selected.

One of the newer answers to what’s digital marketing is social media. This has taken online marketing by storm, and presents an enormous opportunity to interact with potential customers. You can use LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and other social platforms to quickly spread the word about what you have to offer.

There’s also SEO, or search engine optimization. This includes ways to improve your site’s presence in the search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.) and attract more visitors to your site. Some of the techniques here include popular keyword utilization, content development, inbound link gathering and participation at popular sites related to your industry.

When it comes to what’s digital marketing, there’s other ways to reach people as well. You can create your own newsletter from subscribers that visit your site. You can create an authoritative e-book that you give away for free to your visitors containing links and ads, you can distribute an infographic that people want to share which contains links back to your site.

So what’s digital marketing? It is advertising yourself to potential customers, either online or offline, using any of the methods we discussed here. There are other ways as well, and the list is ever-growing, but these are the basic ones to get you started with digital marketing.

How to Make Money with Internet Marketing?

Many people make the mistake of creating new websites and just featuring ads such as AdSense or advertising on each and every page. While you can certainly make money with those ads, there is much more opportunity with affiliate marketing.

Let’s take a look at why you are leaving money on the table if you just feature ads on your site. With pay per click ads, you get a percentage of whatever the advertiser is paying for that click. That percentage is usually not revealed, but it is typically just a small fraction.

So let’s say you have a site on mountain bikes and on the side of each page you feature Google ads. Let’s say that the advertiser is paying 25c per click, and you are getting 4c per click. Keep in mind these are hypothetical numbers for example purposes only. Every time someone clicks, you get 4c. Let’s say you get 100 clicks per day, which is a nice amount. At the end of the day you have a whopping $4.00.

Does this sound like how to make money internet marketing? Of course not. Sure, if you make $4 per page and you have a lot of pages, it might add up. But there’s a much better way to make money with your website…affiliate marketing. Let’s take the same example. You have a site on mountain bikes and instead of just ads on the side of your pages, you have links to specific mountain bikes woven into the content of your page.

You recommend certain ones based on your experience. Now, instead of having only one option on your site, they have two. One is off to the right, the other is right there in the content that they are reading. Which are they more likely to click? You guess it…the links right in your content.

Those links can be affiliate links, which means that when your visitors click on them and make a purchase, you get a commission. And instead of that 4c, you might get $40. Which one sounds like a better way to make money internet marketing?

Ads are certainly a nice way to complement your income online, and a good way to capitalize on those visitors leaving your site. But for those who are interested in what you have to say, affiliate links to products you recommend is an even better way to make money. Consider affiliate marketing today…it’s without a doubt one of the most lucrative opportunities available.