How to Find High PR Guest Blog Posts and Relevant Guest Blogging

how to find high pr guest blog postsHow to find high PR guest blog posts? Today I’m going to share you my answer to one of my subscribers that asked me this crucial question as one of important off-page SEO strategies for building quality links to a website.

Guest blog post is a very powerful method of getting high quality backlinks for boosting your website traffic and also increasing your chances of being considered an authority in your niche.

In this article I’m going to share you some important tips as my answer to my subscriber’s question above: What is guest blogging and how to find high PR guest blog posts or how to find blogs to guest post on.

What is Guest Blogging?

Guest blogging, also known as guest posting at the most basic is the active writing and submitting articles or blog posts to another blog. Most bloggers tend to be fairly open to publishing unique contents on their blog for the benefits of their readers.

The guest blogging differs from article directory marketing because you have to put in a lot of more works in terms of both writing, blog posts and actually hunting out blogs that will publish your content.

Guest blogging offers two main benefits: Firstly, it’s an effective and proven method of getting a very high quality link. Secondly, you can get a lot of highly targeted traffic from popular blogs with can result a regular readership on your own website in a very little time.

How to Find High PR Guest Blog Posts?

Finding high PR blogs to guest post on is a very daunting task. Your first step is to find blogs that you can contact for guest blogging. Using a simple google search for “your niche+blog” or your “keyword+blog” can give some good results to start with. Usually the biggest blogs in your niche are going to show up higher on the search listings.

This can be a good thing if you’re already established in your niche, but if you’re a newbie it’s going to be more difficult to get the bigger players to accept your posts. I suggest contacting both big and small blogs when you start out.

Another trick with Google is to use the Blogs search function. Among the left side of the screen there are numbers of option to pick from search results like images, videos, news, blogs etc. Click the “Blogs” option to see the blog specific lists.

You can also use the blog function at to help find potential blogs for guest posting. Add your keyword or niche topic and then click the search button, Technorati will return a list of blogs related to your search phrase.

A lot of blogs listed on Technorati are big power house blogs and getting guest post on this will enable you to build some serious powerful links to your own website.

Now I will be sharing you my easy technique for finding high PR guest blog posts on websites that are relevant to my niche. I use a free tool called Traffic Travis to do this.

Before you continue reading, I suggest you download Traffic Travis so that you can follow along. It is free to download and it has no catches! Please note: this trick uses Traffic Travis V4. If you are using an earlier version, download the new version.

How to Use Traffic Travis to Find Relevant High PR Guest Blog Posts?

  • First, open up Traffic Travis.
  • Next, click on the ‘SEO’ tab.
  • Next, click on the ‘Link Finder’ tab on the submenu which is located directly below the ‘SEO’ tab button.
  • Click on ‘Advanced Settings.’
  • Untick all link types except for ‘Guest Posts.’
  • Make sure the ‘Display Only’ options are unticked, and leave the location option blank.
  • Next, in the ‘Keywords’ box, type a keyword that is relevant to your blog. For example, Jello Dating is a dating blog, so a relevant keyword to type in here would be ‘dating.’
  • After you have done this, click ‘FETCH.’
  • Once the results have been generated for you, click on ‘Page Rank’ to organize the results from highest PR to lowest PR.

Tips for Getting Your Article Accepted

While Traffic Travis will find you blogs that accept Guest Blog Posts, it will not get you accepted for their blog: you have to email them and ask for a guest blog post position.

Instead of using their ‘contact us’ box, put their website domain into whois and see if there is an email address attached to the domain.

Once you found a contact details of the blogs you are looking to post on, you need to get your post accepted. Email your request and come up with a creative topic that their readership would find interesting.

If they ask you to attach a blog post to your application, include pictures so that your submission stands out. Offer them a reciprocal guest blog post position on another website you own.

Email Format Tip: There’s nothing wrong with using a template email, but make sure you tailor a specifically to each individual blog.

In order to get your posts accepted please be aware of the following attitude when you make contact for the first time:

  • Try to be as friendly and polite as possible.
  • Try to find the blogger’s name to address in your message.
    Try to be friendly in your initial message.
  • Try to offer alternative forms of contact like Skype etc.
  • Try to emphasize the benefits for their website that they are getting, including the fresh and unique content that will keep their readers happy.
  • Provide them with a new perspective on the topic. At this early stage in a guest blogging relationship, it’s all about getting a foot in the door.

Writing an Awesome Guest Post

Once you get the offer to post to someone else’s blog, you have to make sure that you do a great job. There are 5 essential elements to writing an awesome guest post:

  • Research your topic thoroughly. Make sure you give a second opinion and do some extra research for the topic you want to post on.
  • Write clearly in a way that readers will understand your topic. You never know who’s going to read your post. So, make sure everybody can understand it.
  • Deliver on your promise. I can’t stress how important it is to to tell people what you promise that you already told them.
  • Make your writing friendly. You’re not writing a college paper here, you’re writing a blog post. Blog is about community and being personal. So, use a less formal tone in your writing, this doesn’t mean spelling mistakes and grammatical errors but just friendly writing.
  • Deliver quality content on time. Don’t just provide a bare minimum of content needed to get your post accepted. Really put an effort in and create a blog post that people will get lots of value from. Share something useful the people will appreciate reading. Make sure you don’t leave the blogger hanging for weeks on as well, try to deliver within the specified time frame. One week is generally standard.

Other Link Building Tips

Don’t just do Guest Blog Posts. Mix up your link building. Traffic Travis will easily let you find directory, blog comment, forum and resource links that are relevant to your niche. Mix up your anchor text for your links.

Don’t just use descriptive anchor texts: use branded keywords too. Don’t just build links to your homepage: build links to your inner pages as well. The higher the PR of a webpage, the more valuable the link. A single PR2 link is better than a hundred PR0 links.


Guest blog post is very awesome for your SEO strategy. It’s about writing and publishing an article to increase your SEO performance. It’s been a very important aspect in regard to your SEO purposes by building relationships with other bloggers or webmasters.

It’s been one of the the most popular method of link building process for affiliate marketers like you and me to get backlinks for our affiliate websites. It is a content-based search engine optimization method that will help you increase search engine ranking and boosting your website traffic.

Don’t forget to download Traffic Travis to help you find high PR guest blog posts or relevant guest blogging easier.